hello, welcome :)
i'm a creative coder who can currently be found in Metro Detroit. i’m also a recent graduate of the Communication Design Program at the College for Creative Studies. i have the most experience applying my work to branding systemsbespoke software, interactive experiencesand installation design, though i’m often interested in expanding to other mediums.

i love building digital tools for others to express themselves with, and tools that express themselves. i also love my cat Caravaggio, grids, house music, the noises mechanical keyboards make, and RX Bars. the core of my process is lots and lots of iteration.

thanks for checking out my site! you can navigate through my work on the left. the experiments page is a curated collection of pieces that either didn’t make a project’s final cut, or it’s something i did for fun.

to the right are some links to check out my resume + contact. let’s connect! we can share code or typefaces or something if you’d like.